Sunday 12 May 2019 Promenade Park, Maldon

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Competitors: Important Event Information

25 April 2017


  • A strong pair of shoes
  • Socks
  • Duck tape
  • Black sack for your dirty clothes
  • Warm clothes for when you are waiting to race and after the race

Please note: We cannot be held responsible for your personal property. We do not provide any secure storage to store valuables.


On entering the park please make your way to the Mud Race registration vehicle which will be situated by the lake and can be identified by the Mud Race flag and logo on the vehicle.

You will be provided with a goody bag, Maldon Mud Race t-shirt and a timing chip, which must be securely attached to your shoe with a cable tie (will be provided).

Registration is open from 12:00pm and will close at 3:30pm. You must ensure you are registered before 3:30pm.

Fancy Dress

The fancy dress competition will take place shortly before the race at 3:45pm.


The warm-up will once again be conducted by Townsend Twins and will take place at 4:00pm directly in front of the registration point.

The Duck Race

The Duck Race is scheduled to take place at 3:30pm.

The Race

The 2017 race is scheduled to take place at 4:30pm.

After the Race

On completing the course you will be provided with a foil blanket, whilst we remove your timing chip. Please be patient whilst we remove your chip. Showers and hot drinks will be available.

You will then be presented with a Maldon Mud Race 2017 medal.


If you have any further questions you can email us on

The Maldon Mud Race 2017 is open from 12:00pm with the race scheduled for 4:30pm. There will be many sideshows, attractions and food bars.

We wish you all good luck in race.

The Maldon Mud Race Charity Directors

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