Sunday 12 May 2019 Promenade Park, Maldon

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Maldon Mud Race launch monthly Lottery fun

19 May 2014

The Maldon Mud Race team will be launching their new monthly lottery at this year’s Maldon Mud Race.

Chairman Brian Farrington said “We are really excited about this project. Whilst we can’t promise to make any Maldon millionaires, we do hope that we will bring smiles to a few faces with regularly monthly winning of around £500. We will also have 2 bonus months where we hope that figures will be closer to £1,000 and this will include on our Maldon Mud Race launch day – Sunday 25th May 2014. “

Brian continued “For most of us, that type of cash is always very welcome and can go towards a holiday, family treat or just catching up with all the necessary outlays of family life! Longer term, we hope it will help us raise funds to grow our event and distribute record-breaking amounts across Essex and this year, we hope to see The Maldon Mud Race distribute over £50,000 to local Essex charities including The J’s Hospice, Headway and McMillan local cancer support. “

Brian said “You can join in our local lottery from as little as £1 per month, and the monthly winners will be posted on our website.” He continued “We hope we will get lots of local and Essex-wide support and reward our supports as well as raising our profile.   We are a charity and all our committee are unpaid volunteers – plus most either are now, or were, members of the local business community.”

He added “We hope the Lottery will also help us raise the profile of our other smaller events, as well as continue to grow The Maldon Mud Race each year – this year includes a huge traditional Steam Fair – with full steam fairground rides – Carter’s Steam Fair. The rides are absolutely beautiful and are almost works of art and we hope that local families and visitors will really enjoy the spectacular rides from another era. We will also have some great new sponsors on board including such as Hooper’s Brews, who make traditional (and alcoholic!) soft-beverages from ginger beer to lemonade – as well as familiar names such as Mack Mazda from Chelmsford and Wilkin & Sons (Tiptree Jams). Other local names such as 3 Rivers Golf Club and Benton Hall Golf Club continue to give us huge support, as well as locally Silicone Alley and of course, one of our major sponsors, Essex County Council.”

“We hope this Lottery will be a huge success and we get some great winners across Maldon and Essex and bring a few smiles to people’s faces when they win some great prize money!”.

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